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Take two

It’s marked for deletion. My Facebook account is marked for deletion. I initiated the process yesterday. I found an opportune moment where two facts collide:

  1. I don’t enjoy it
  2. I don’t need it

I won’t miss it.

Let’s catch up

I made a web site. It’s for a local charity. They’re hoping to build a greenway or cycle path between my two local towns, Brecon and Hay.

I bought a new addition to my collection of audio gadgets. It’s an iFi iOne Nano. If you’re an Apple user, basically it’s an Airport Express on steroids but it doesn’t do WiFi. So it’s not much like it really. Unless you used one of those for AirPlay. The iOne hooks up to your analogue stereo amplifier. It receives a Bluetooth audio stream from your phone and converts it to a signal the amp understands. Yes: it’s a DAC (Digital Analogue Converter). I love it. It has a special processor that means the Bluetooth audio signal from, say, your iPhone doesn’t get mangled and lose fidelity like most other Bluetooth receivers have the effect of doing. Streaming TIDAL master recordings, I can tell the difference between them and something uploaded to YouTube.

That’s about all my news. I’m waiting for an extra large bean bag to arrive today. I’ll be able to sit and enjoy my new stereo system from the centre of the room. I normally loll about on my bed, in the corner. The bean bag will not only improve the sound, but the viewing angle of the TV and, more importantly, my sleep. It’s hard to sleep where you hang out. Bedsit life.

Along with the bean bag, I thought I’d try out a Philips Hue bulb. Just a cheap white one. Just to see if automating one’s lighting does have its benefits. That’s on its way today too.

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